14, Jun 2022
Avoid Bad Credit

Ask those who have a plastic card what their number 1 fear is and they are generally likely to let you know… their greatest fear is ‘NOT’ obtaining the credit card. I mean these are typically people who have a giant bank card debt together with the interest mounting up every month with a large percentage rate.

If you may ask them whether or not they want to be totally free of this bondage, manage to live to your standard that does not give them difficulty sleeping with repayment stress – they are more likely to say YES PLEASE where do I sign. But if that journey began using them cutting up their prized possession – the greeting card – you’d probably literally hear them gag on their own saliva.You see no matter the x quantity of pounds they owe, the FEAR of devoid of this part of plastic and also the access it gives to funds far outweighs the mountain of debt it represents.

I know this because I’ve been there. It’s that concern with ‘without needing enough’ of ‘being ‘caught short’ of ‘ needing something’ that my card would buy and which puts fear within your heart. And that’s really just what the system relies upon. Money is passed out freely, the greater you borrow, greater you spend. A vicious but highly lucrative venture (to the lender), but a surefire method of losing everything for that borrower.

The question for you is how do you beat this FEAR? I would desire to say that there exists a support circle you may attend that might help you to go cold turkey, or even a drug you may take to medicate your issues – but there’s not – it is a bit like ripping the plaster off a wound, for it to heal properly you should rip the plaster off; you should expose it to air and let the natural means of regeneration to begin with. Yes I know it hurts, yes I know it’s actually not comfortable – but hey exactly what is the alternative?… You keep spending cash you don’t have; you continue waking up in the cold sweat; you panic on the sight of an demand letter therefore you almost distribute every time we have a knock for the front door.

In order to begin with the healing process you must rip the plaster off… you will need to RIP THE PLASTIC UP. There’s a book I once read as well as the title has served me well on numerous occasions – Feel the Fear and practice it Anyway. There has in the future a time when YOU have to make the choice to ‘Feel the Fear and practice it Anyway’ and move towards financial freedom.

WILL YOU make deciding today to offer you and your family, the chance develop the courage, stength and resilience to live on a free of debt life?.