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Afua Njoki Richardson [ Uh- FOO-wah knee-YO-key ] is an American comic book creator best known for her reader’s choice award winning mini series entitled ‘Genius’ written by Marc Bernardin and Adam Freeman.Her works include Black Panther World of Wakanda, Mad max, All Star Batman, Attack on Titan, X-men 92, and many others.

In addition to being a comic book illustrator, Afua is a professional musician, singer, song writer and classical/ jazz flutist, voice actor. In the spirit of the Nina Simone Award received for Artistic Excellence, Afua is also a mentor and community activist. She has been aptly called a Jane of All trades.

Afua was born in Harlem New York, on April 25th, 1980 to an officer of the US Coast Guard / physicist and a cut and paste graphic designer. Her father, William E Richardson, was very supportive in her efforts in the arts. Supplying her with funk records, cassettes and ,  watercolors At Age 9 she joined the school band as a classical flautist.. In addition to space to create and  Lieutenant  Commander Richardson also provided an introduction to physics, African American history,  jazz and classical greats. Those elements would forever mold the outcome of Afua’s trajectory. despite her family’s hardships, her father above all instilled in her determination, inquisitiveness, and the idea that we all struggle, but those moments are just events that remind you of your strength.

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